Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Wireless Sensor Solutions provides life-long and wireless predictive maintenance sensor solutions to high value equipment suppliers and OEMs in mining, rail, heavy vehicle and other industries.

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A Pioneer in Wireless, Ultra Low-Power Solutions

Based on over 10 years of research and development in Energy Harvesting, we have the unique ability to deliver life-long ultra-low power wireless sensor solutions. Energy harvesting enables perpetual life. Ease of placement – long-life means ability to place wireless sensors in difficult field situations and environments.

How we help

Custom wireless sensor solutions enable the identification, prediction, and monetization of reduced failure rates associated with high value assets – in virtually any environment. Learn more >

Life-long ultra-low power wireless sensor solutions

Virtually self-sustaining, maximizes uptime in difficult field conditions

Highly configurable and scalable

Can be tailored to meet specific requirements, enabling rapid, scalable deployment

Tangible ROI

Adds value to service contracts, reduces maintenance costs and protects against potential loss of revenue

Our approach


We develop sensor solutions that give your Predictive maintenance projects wings!

Our proprietary energy harvesting technology combined with embedded firmware enables a highly configurable and scalable solution that can be deployed in the harshest environments experienced by high value industrial machinery.

Our team will work with you to identify and design a solution based on your specific requirements. Our process enables the rapid design, prototyping, testing and deployment of low-power, life-long predictive maintenance solutions that can reduce costs while protecting against loss of revenue.

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