Scalable, Configurable Approach to Predictive Maintenance


Intellys is a modular solution and offers “tailor fit” for the application being supported, with different selected sensors, radios, and power supply options including energy harvester that can enable perpetual life.

It is this flexibility and multiple configuration options that sets microGen’s product apart from others in the IIoT industry.  microGen offers an initial application evaluation that insures that the ultimate wireless sensor solution design will perform as desired.

Benefits to microGen Customers

  • Life-long solutions enable improved reliance on predictive maintenance solutions
  • Configurable and scalable for specific requirements and to the harshest of environments experienced by high value industrial machinery
  • Quick deployment shortens time to market
  • Adds value to service contracts though improved failure prediction
  • Improves the bottom line by contributing to reduced maintenance costs while protecting against potential revenue loss

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