Reducing risk of downtime in difficult field conditions


Heavy-duty track-based vehicles and other critical mining equipment undergo considerable wear and tear in the field. Timely maintenance of these systems is key in order to keep operators safe and to prevent unexpected and costly downtime events.

Predictive maintenance is enabled through monitoring and providing data and analytics that can help predict future equipment failure. The application of wireless, ultra-low power sensors can monitor equipment and look for potential wear, errors.  Information from these sensors drives analytics for predictive maintenance.

To enhance predictive maintenance models for these systems, manufacturers are incorporating more and more wireless sensors over vehicle bodies and on heavy machinery.

microGen custom wireless sensor solutions enable the identification, prediction, and monetization of reduced failure rates associated with high value assets – in virtually any environment.

microGen's Intellus solution provides an innovative, effective way to power these wireless systems, either entirely or in conjunction with a battery, in order to prevent complete sensor failure in the field and assure proper recording and transmission of required data.

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