Predictive maintenance for automotive safety and performance



The use of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) in automotives, which rely on pressure sensors and RF transmitters integrated into the tire at the valve stem, has become more prevalent over the past decade. The next generation of these systems will incorporate many more sensing capabilities, allowing detection parameters that will indicate road conditions and tire health. These capabilities create an Intelligent Tire System (ITS) that will optimize tire performance and enhance driver safety.

In order to properly monitor these parameters, the sensors for ITS will have to be placed in the tread of the tire—which also makes it more difficult to service. This factor, combined with the increased power required for the additional sensing capabilities, makes energy harvesting very attractive for powering such applications.


We have demonstrated that microGen System's vibrational energy harvesters can be used to power such TPMS systems mounted in the tread of Class-8 heavy-duty truck tires.


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